Gabor Brothers Main Street Grill & Pizza

Gabor Brothers Main Street Grill
197 N Main St

Layton, UT

(801) 544-4344

Food (Quality, Quantity, Menu, Price):
Vaired menu with burgers, pasta, subs, pizza and don't forget dessert! While the price was in the upper medium range, the huge portions and the deliciousness of the food make up for any extra on the cost. One lady had a meatball as big as my head! We ordered the Alfredo pizza... it was soooooooooo good! (Yes, 10 o's good!) So good that when we got to the car and realized we'd forgotten our leftovers I actually felt physically sad.

All employees were very friendly. It was slow; but worth the wait! The waitress was so nice about it too. She kept apologizing for being slow. We said it was okay, but she felt bad. The people next to us were getting irritated for the wait; but did they think they were at McDonald's drive thru? Sit down and expect a wait. Enjoy the time to catch up with your dinner partner(s). The yummy house salad and huge breadsticks, with dipping sauces, made the wait less painful. We almost left our leftovers, but the waitress chased us to our car to make sure we took it home. Wasn't that nice? And I was glad!

It's very casual and laid back. Take time out of your day to enjoy some good food. There aren't many seats in this restaurant. The tables are close together... it's "cozy", if you will. I don't know what they're going to do as this place gains popularity. My favorite seat was the two-seater that looks out to the sidewalk. How quaint! My observation is that this place is someone's dream. Someone is very proud to have this business and has made it their baby.

Absolutely, we would go again!

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