The Athenian

The Athenian
252 25th Street
(801) 621-4911

Food (Quality, Quantity, Menu):
Since this weekend was the Salt Lake City Greek Festival, we thought we'd go out for Greek food (without the crowd of the festival. In fact, we went the other direction, to Historic 25th Street in Ogden). We had to ask what some of the things on the menu were; since it's all Greek to me! (Sorry, couldn't resist a little pun). When you're looking for 'Your-os', make sure you look at 'Gyros'. I had lemon chicken & potatoes, my husband had meat kabobs. Tasty! Unfortunately, we didn't have room left in our tummies to try the baklava; we may need to make another trip!

Very nice waitress. The owners stopped by our table check on us. They had a steady stream of people.

Cafe ambiance, you know? Yeah. You're sitting close to your neighbors. You could jump in on their conversation, if it wasn't considered rude.

When we took Ogden's Haunted Tour last October, The Athenian was one of the places we stopped to hear about their ghosts. So, I asked John (assumidly the owner) about the ghosts and the door in the floor (near the front entrance) when he stopped by our table. He said there are ghosts that live upstairs and ghosts in the basement. Then we went on with our meal. As we were wrapping up the evening I swear I felt a tug and a shake on my pant leg. I looked down, thinking my pants were caught on the chair. Nope. Nothing. I wholeheartedly think ghosts. So, when you go to the Athenian, ask about the ghosts, then wait for them to remind you they're there. Oo0o0o0oooo00o.


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  1. Though I haven't stopped by The Athenian in awhile, this is probably one of my favorite restaurants in Ogden. Good value for what you get, too, in my opinion.