La Ferrovia Ristorante

La Ferrovia Ristorante
234 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401

Food (Quality, Quantity, Menu):
It's about as Italian as you can get, without going to Italy. We shared the "Tour of Italy for Two". The white sauce outdoes the Olive Garden. Oh yeah, it was that good. I have actually been dreaming about it - I had to go to another restaurant and get something with white sauce because I was craving La Ferrovia; but the place we went just didn't cut it. We're going to HAVE to go back to La Ferrovia and get something with the white sauce. The chicken parmigiana & the calzones were good, but they didn't fancy my mouth as much as that delicious white sauce.

After looking at their website, I am curious about the gnocci. The site says "Call us about to be added to the gnocci list and we will call you when this dish is available". Hmmm... first, I wonder what gnocci is; and second, I wonder how good it must be that you have to be put on a list to get it! (*gnocci - handmade potato dumplings in tomato sauce)

Side note,*everything on the menu is available to go. They also cater.

Warm & friendly. We did have to wait just a little bit longer for the food... but the disclaimer right on the menu says something to the effect of "preparing good food takes time, so be patient". Actually, it was nice to have a warning so we weren't sitting with empty tummies, wondering when the food would come. And the wait for the food didn't seem too long. After seeing the disclaimer I thought we were going to have to camp out, but it really wasn't thaaaaaat long.

La Ferrovia is located on Ogden's charming Historic 25th Street. This place was more "hole in the wall", or "mom & pop-ish" than I expected. There are hand painted murals of Italy on the open-face brick walls.


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