Rustler Grill

Rustler Grill
10392 S Jordan Gtwy
South Jordan, UT 84095

*** We made a SPECIAL TRIP (about an hour) JUST to get a baked potato from Rustler's. I was so SAD to see the sign on their door saying they were closed for renovation. Well, I hope they open up again soon! Unfortunately, some business associates who work nearby say the sign has been up for a while.... :(

Food (Quality, Quantity, Menu):
THE biggest and THE BEST baked potato this side of the Mississippi. Huge portions.

Get your food buffet style and seat yourself.

Country/cowboy theme going on. There are TVs.

I'll say it again, I am SO SAD I didn't get my Rustler's baked potato!!!!
They only get 4 stars, because they were closed. But if they were open and I'd gotten my 'tato, they surely would have received 5 stars.
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