Sill's Cafe

Sill's Cafe
281 S Main St

Layton, UT
(801) 544-7438

Well, after a tour of closed restaurants (Galaxy Diner, La Koncinita Cafe, ...) [see previous posts], we ended up at Sill's Cafe in Layton. They are across the street from Doug & Emmy's. Story has it that the two places are related, that there was a family fued, and one is a branch off from the other, but I don't know which is which.

Food (Quality, Quantity, Menu):
Wow, not much to choose from. Would you like a hamburger? They have those. But you'll have to pay more if you want fries (instead of chips), or if you want cheese or bacon. There wasn't anything special about the hamburger. It was tasty, it was done. There was no special sauce, no frills or fireworks, it was just a hamburger.

One stressed out waitress. She never asked us how we were. It seemed to be an inconvenience that she had to serve us. The table we sat at was a mess. She never wiped it off.

We walked in, and besides two other partons, it was pretty much empty. It doesn't look like they've put money into rennovations since the place was built. Lights were missing their glass fixtures, electrical outlets didn't have covers. And it was freezing cold.

If I had a choice of the two related-but-fueding family restraunts, I'd go to Doug & Emmy's over Sill's Cafe.

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  1. Yay! I love your blog! So needed around here in UT!

    I am a foodie, and we get together with some other foodies and eat! lol!

    We like non-chain restaurants the most to try.

    You will enjoy the Tin Angel on 4th South in SLC, but make reservations, small older building, but the food is scrumptious, and on the weekends you can listen to live music!

    You may also enjoy Red Rock Brewery on 200 W between 2nd and 3rd south in SLC. This place has great food, and cream sodas. We are not beer drinkers but the food is great!

    I can suggest a few more if you get out to SLC.

    While in Ogden try the new Sonora Grill by the Solomon center on 23rd and Kiesel. A bit pricier then some, but so worth it!


  2. Can you recommend any other restaurants in Ogden? What are the best places for authentic Mexican food there?
    Many thanks!

  3. I just came across this today, seems your visit was some time ago but I really feel the need to comment on this one. Sill's is a great place to eat... breakfast that is. If you visit this restaurant in the morning you will find that you have to wait anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour for a table due to the crowds, but it is well worth it. The portions are perfect for the price and the food is old fashioned and tasty. The scones are my favorite, they are bigger than a full-sized plate! If you make it down here again, try them at breakfast and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Also, they are now at a new location in Layton on Gentile next to the Burger Stop.