Nevoles Pizzeria

Nevoles Pizzeria
51 East 114th South
Sandy, UT 84092

Phone: (801) 571-5744

Food (Quality, Quantity, Menu):
Delicious New York style pizza. HUGE pizza. The sausage chunks were the size of ping pong balls.

Friendly service. They know what they're doing. From talking with our waiter we could tell he sincerely liked his job.

I don't know if it's just a Friday night thing, but there was a live guitarist. And he was good.

Apparently they've only been in their corner restaurant for a few months. They are locally owned, but they used to be more "hole in the wall" than they are now. They just moved a couple of doors down. The owner moved across country and some loyal customers bought it. I hear the old place used have an old school cash register and a real "homey" feel to it. The new place is really nice, with a mural of New York on the wall, NICE, clear televisions, football helmets on the wall, and XM Radio (for when there's not somebody playing live music) . It was a packed house, and I got the idea it's packed quite often.


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